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Happy New Year everyone!

The January Birthstone is a garnet, which symbolizes friendship and trust. According to legend, wearing a garnet ensures success and health. It also symbolizes victory, truth, and purity and provides protection against negative energy and forces.

Goodbye, for now.


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Taylor Swift’s Delicate Music Video

At this very moment, Taylor Swift is at rehearsal for her Reputation stadium tour. How do I know this? Because she said that right before her new music video, Delicate, premiered at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. Additionally, she won Female Artist Of The Year.

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Oops, I Did It Again

It’s been a very long time, hasn’t it?

I keep saying I’m going to post more often, but I don’t. And that isn’t fair to you guys.

I’m not going to lie–I have been very busy. Third Trimester of 7th grade is in full swing, which means big projects like History Fair are due, and projects like the Spanish Blueprint Project are only just beginning. I should probably be working on homework right now, but I want to do this.

I want to let you know this time I really am going to post more.

Hold me to it.



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Net Neutrality

I support net neutrality, and always will. This is something important you may want to know about me. As a small blogger, this fundamental concept is super important to anyone who has used the internet (so all of you who are reading this).

For those of you who don’t know what net neutrality is, I’ve included an excerpt from savetheinternet.com:

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The Time I Had The Cleaning Bug

My life has become Pinterest.

I randomly decided to clean my entire room (not including my closet. That nightmare is a story for another time) a couple weeks ago. It is surprising how having a clean space to work really boosted my productivity!

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Taylor Swift’s New Song ‘Gorgeous’ is…Gorgeous!

Taylor announced her new song ‘Gorgeous’ on Thursday with a teaser of the beginning of the song and 2 pink posts that read ‘Midnight Eastern’ and ‘Available Everywhere’.

I’ll be honest: I seriously thought about staying up to listen to it. I also considered going to bed, but setting my alarm for midnight so I could wake up, listen to the song, and then go back to bed. I was worried that if I did that, I wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep!

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Where I Am Poem

I did it.

This is the final poem!

I have worked pretty hard on these, and I really hope you enjoy the last one. Happy reading!

I am in the milky way galaxy.

One of billions in the cosmos.

I am on the green planet full of life

that we all take for granted.

Where your skin color and gender

shape your life.

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Where I Am From Poem

Poem #2.


^That was short.

Oh well.

I am from Minnesota.

Cold winters and warm summers.

Some dude with a blue cow

is more famous than I feel comfortable to tell.

Our state fruit is trademarked.

And our state flower is sexist.

I am from 6 hour drives to Chicago

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7th Grade Stress (1)

It’s really starting to kick in. And I think I’m losing it.

I’m just gonna be honest: I’m a procrastinator (side note: I have a hilarious TED talk you need to watch if you are a procrastinator, know a procrastinator, or have been on the same planet as a procrastinator: ted.com/tim_urban_mind_of_a_procrastinator). Usually, the Panic Monster (see TED talk above) sets in before it’s too late. But sometimes, the Panic Monster is bound with a LEGO chain, buried under party invitations and snuffed out by The Winds Of Something More Fun Than The Thing You Have To Do.

Because of this, I have a lot of studying to do. This is the part where I list off everything I have to do.

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This I Believe Poem

So I had a little time this morning, and I thought to myself: why not post one of my poems? I copied it from the Word document and pasted it here, did a little revising and editing and now, dear critics, it is yours to tear apart.

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Coming Soon: New Poetry

Coming Soon: New Poetry

In Humanities, we have been writing poems. We were assigned to write a poem about something we believe in (a motto, phrase or slogan), where we are (location, mind, family) and where we’re from (traditions, family, events).

I feel obligated to share these with you guys. I really hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them! Be on the lookout later this week, as I will try and post them by Friday afternoon.

Goodbye, for now!


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I’ve Been Gone…

I am very, very sorry.

I never announced that I was taking a break, and I didn’t even realize that I would. I have been meaning to post for some time, but I never really had the chance.

In seventh grade, your grades really count towards high school. You take the tests in 8th, but in 7th is where the stress comes. With an average of 4 homework-heavy classes a day (yes, I did the math) plus other classes that may or may not give homework, we have ourselves a full evening of homework, test prep, and after-school activities.

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‘Look What You Made Me Do’ Is Out And I’m Not OK

It started with a blackout. Taylor Swift’s social media accounts collectively were wiped. Profile pictures, posts and even who she was following was all erased. Taylor Nation went into a frenzy and #TS6iscoming began trending as Swifties prepared for a new album.

Then, 3 cryptic snake videos were posted on an otherwise-blank social media page. The same day as the last snake video was released, the internet lost its mind.

Because this happened:

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Our 2-Year Anniversary

I am writing this post with my brightness down to one bar because I am at my grandparent’s house and me–the genius–forgot to bring my computer charger. MAJOR FACEPALM. 🤦🏽‍♂️I am praying I can get through this post with my battery at 24%.

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Choosing A Side In The Battle Of Heroes (And Villians)

Rebecca walks into kindergarten, clutching her blue backpack tightly. When she sits criss-cross-applesauce with the rest of the group, the teacher tells everyone in the class to name their two favorite superheroes. Rebecca proudly announces “Iron Man and Catwoman!”. Nobody thinks this is a problem.

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Happy July, everyone!

July is a special month for Kiranmathew! Two years ago, on July 13th, this blog was created. I remember sitting at the very table I am now, rattling off posts like Choices, Choices, Choices (my first post)Minions! (my second post)My Loveable Dog, Cocoa (my third post)and my first short story published on the blog: The Zookeeper And The Green Banana (my fourth post)


I am so happy to be celebrating Kiranmathew’s anniversary with all of you this month!

People born in July are usually introverts, but can give lots of wisdom if you listen closely. They are much smarted than anyone gives them credit for. The July gemstone is the ruby, which symbolizes love, health and wisdom. It is believed that a pure red ruby brings good luck.


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I’m A Slightly Better Photographer With A Good Camera

Hi everyone!

As will be demonstrated in the images below, my photography skills have ever-so-slightly improved. I think the photo I am most proud of would have to be the close-up of the grass at the park. As the greenery stretches out behind the blades of grass, they become more and more unrecognizable, melting into each other, while the original blades stand out in the front.


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I’m A Bad Photographer With A Good Camera

I think this title is pretty self-explanatory. I’m a little boy with an awesome iPhone camera with hopes of one day achieving fame through photography.

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China On Top Of Its Game: World’s Largest Solar Farm

China just set up the world’s largest solar farm, and get this: IT FLOATS. The farm has a capacity of 40 megawatts, enough to power 15,000 homes. It occupies 800,000 square meters in an area where coal was once mined.

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