Words Of Advice

Words Of Advice:

Do not take another man’s bread, until you have waited 6 months to be sure he does not want it. Do not strum the strings of another man’s harp, until he has left it in the road of 7 days. Do not enter another man’s domain, until he has offered it to you. Do not fight another man’s battle until he has handed you his sword.

Do not hurt another man’s heart, unless you have the needles to sew it back together.



Status Update: Harry Potter And The Cursed Child


I’m about halfway through Harry Potter and The Cursed Child after hearing nothing but good reviews about it. So far I am really enjoying it. It took me a while to get used to the play format,

(Albus: Hey…

Harry: Hello son!

ALBUS and HARRY embrace.)

but overall I am enjoying it. I really like imagining how different scenes would be played out in front of a live audience, with no film editing or animation. Maybe I will go see the play…