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Where I Am Poem

I did it.

This is the final poem!

I have worked pretty hard on these, and I really hope you enjoy the last one. Happy reading!

I am in the milky way galaxy.

One of billions in the cosmos.

I am on the green planet full of life

that we all take for granted.

Where your skin color and gender

shape your life.

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Where I Am From Poem

Poem #2.


^That was short.

Oh well.

I am from Minnesota.

Cold winters and warm summers.

Some dude with a blue cow

is more famous than I feel comfortable to tell.

Our state fruit is trademarked.

And our state flower is sexist.

I am from 6 hour drives to Chicago

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This I Believe Poem

So I had a little time this morning, and I thought to myself: why not post one of my poems? I copied it from the Word document and pasted it here, did a little revising and editing and now, dear critics, it is yours to tear apart.

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