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Choosing A Side In The Battle Of Heroes (And Villians)

Rebecca walks into kindergarten, clutching her blue backpack tightly. When she sits criss-cross-applesauce with the rest of the group, the teacher tells everyone in the class to name their two favorite superheroes. Rebecca proudly announces “Iron Man and Catwoman!”. Nobody thinks this is a problem.

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The Internet Is Torn About A Minute Insect Emoji

Many of you likely have emojis enabled on your phone, but one of them has sparked an interesting debate: the green creepy-crawly that some call a caterpillar, but others call a worm. This is the little monster: 🐛.

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Kiranmathew Domains (pt. 2)

The choices for Kiranmathew domains are here! Please complete the poll below to share your opinion!

Feel free to add your own answer instead of choosing the ones above!

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Polls On ‘About Me’

Do you like voicing your opinion? Check out the actively updated polls on the page About Me, like this one:

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My Music


Yesterday, I posted some of my music that I made, and I’ve been thinking about making an album out of it. I am trying to decide between releasing one song at a time, or all at once.

Can you guys help me? Below is a poll:



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Almost There!

Some of you might remember my earlier post, saying that 20 followers and 20 likes would reveal some major changes. I just counted kiranmathew’s followers, and we have 18! As for likes, you guys blew that challenge out of the water, 120 likes for kiranmathew!Keep going! Only 2 people left to follow us, so recommend the site to your friends, share the page on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, email, however you want to. We’re so close guys!

Also, the day we get 20 followers the BIG website poll results will be revealed. Keep voting, liking and following! We are so close! Let’s make this happen, for all the people who work on kiranmathew!

Let’s do this!


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Hair Color Voting!

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Taylor Swift Or Katy Perry: Vote Now!

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BIG Website Poll Is Finally Here!

Please vote! This impacts the website’s future!