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Choosing A Side In The Battle Of Heroes (And Villians)

Rebecca walks into kindergarten, clutching her blue backpack tightly. When she sits criss-cross-applesauce with the rest of the group, the teacher tells everyone in the class to name their two favorite superheroes. Rebecca proudly announces “Iron Man and Catwoman!”. Nobody thinks this is a problem.

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The Internet Is Torn About A Minute Insect Emoji

Many of you likely have emojis enabled on your phone, but one of them has sparked an interesting debate: the green creepy-crawly that some call a caterpillar, but others call a worm. This is the little monster: 🐛.

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So a couple days ago, I told you guys about a poem that we read in class. At the end of the post, I said that I had written my own weather poem that I will share. Here is the poem I wrote about a tornado:


The dark wizard of the sky,

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Part 2 Of Child Frightened By A Thunderstorm


Today we read the above poem in class, and I decided I wanted to write a poem like the one on the left. I also wanted to get your opinion on the poem.

What struck me was the personification made it sound like a crow, or maybe a raven. To me, envisioning a thunderstorm as a bird of prey, with big velvety wings that-to a young child-could potentially crush an entire garden. Maybe just the way crows and ravens are portrayed in movies and books made m think this, but I like the poem a lot.

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We Read This Poem Today; What Do You Think About It?