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The Internet Is Torn About A Minute Insect Emoji

Many of you likely have emojis enabled on your phone, but one of them has sparked an interesting debate: the green creepy-crawly that some call a caterpillar, but others call a worm. This is the little monster: 🐛.

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So a couple days ago, I told you guys about a poem that we read in class. At the end of the post, I said that I had written my own weather poem that I will share. Here is the poem I wrote about a tornado:


The dark wizard of the sky,

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Part 2 Of Child Frightened By A Thunderstorm


Today we read the above poem in class, and I decided I wanted to write a poem like the one on the left. I also wanted to get your opinion on the poem.

What struck me was the personification made it sound like a crow, or maybe a raven. To me, envisioning a thunderstorm as a bird of prey, with big velvety wings that-to a young child-could potentially crush an entire garden. Maybe just the way crows and ravens are portrayed in movies and books made m think this, but I like the poem a lot.

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We Read This Poem Today; What Do You Think About It?