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7th Grade Stress (1)

It’s really starting to kick in. And I think I’m losing it.

I’m just gonna be honest: I’m a procrastinator (side note: I have a hilarious TED talk you need to watch if you are a procrastinator, know a procrastinator, or have been on the same planet as a procrastinator: Usually, the Panic Monster (see TED talk above) sets in before it’s too late. But sometimes, the Panic Monster is bound with a LEGO chain, buried under party invitations and snuffed out by The Winds Of Something More Fun Than The Thing You Have To Do.

Because of this, I have a lot of studying to do. This is the part where I list off everything I have to do.

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This I Believe Poem

So I had a little time this morning, and I thought to myself: why not post one of my poems? I copied it from the Word document and pasted it here, did a little revising and editing and now, dear critics, it is yours to tear apart.

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I’ve Been Gone…

I am very, very sorry.

I never announced that I was taking a break, and I didn’t even realize that I would. I have been meaning to post for some time, but I never really had the chance.

In seventh grade, your grades really count towards high school. You take the tests in 8th, but in 7th is where the stress comes. With an average of 4 homework-heavy classes a day (yes, I did the math) plus other classes that may or may not give homework, we have ourselves a full evening of homework, test prep, and after-school activities.

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Our 2-Year Anniversary

I am writing this post with my brightness down to one bar because I am at my grandparent’s house and me–the genius–forgot to bring my computer charger. MAJOR FACEPALM. 🤦🏽‍♂️I am praying I can get through this post with my battery at 24%.

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Choosing A Side In The Battle Of Heroes (And Villians)

Rebecca walks into kindergarten, clutching her blue backpack tightly. When she sits criss-cross-applesauce with the rest of the group, the teacher tells everyone in the class to name their two favorite superheroes. Rebecca proudly announces “Iron Man and Catwoman!”. Nobody thinks this is a problem.

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I’m A Bad Photographer With A Good Camera

I think this title is pretty self-explanatory. I’m a little boy with an awesome iPhone camera with hopes of one day achieving fame through photography.

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Winter Break (because we need another week off for some reason)

For winter break this year I stayed in Chicago. I did a lot of fun stuff with family and friends so click read more!

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Day 5: A Movie And 2 Dinners

We went to the pool around 10 AM, and it got cloudy around noon so we went back to our condo. I worked a little on my VIDA collection (which I hope you guys will visit), and at 3:15 we went to see A Dog’s Purpose.

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Day 3: Tarpon Lodge and LEGOS

Hey, all!

Sorry I didn’t post last night. We got home from dinner at about 10:30 and I was exhausted, so I didn’t post my draft that I had already written. There was a power outage this morning so I couldn’t post it then.

Just so I don’t confuse you, I’m setting the publishing date to yesterday so you don’t get confused. What that means, is that it will display that it was published yesterday, even though it wasn’t.

Yesterday I got out my LEGOS from the closet and played with them. It is a set called Monster Fighters, where you get sets of different locations (example: laboratory) and you get some monsters (example: Dr. Frankenstein and his monster) and some Monster Fighters, who try to attack the monsters. So far I have The Crazy Scientist And His Monster, The Mummy, The Werewolf and The Swamp Monster. I hope to get the vampire set soon.

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Remembering Gratitude

Something really scary happened to me a couple days ago. It reminded me to always be grateful for what you have. I want to share this story with you.

While playing with my sister, I was running down the hall with my Harry Potter wand, when I fell. My stomach sunk instantly, and fear spread through my body like wildfire on steroids.

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New Author!

Hey, I’m Claire, and I’m a new author on this blog. I’m a black belt in karate, a basketball player, a Future Problem Solver, a clarinet player, a Model UN delegate, and a member of my school’s student council executive board.

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I Finally Reveal How I Was Bullied

June 9th was our last day of school, and we were dismissed at 11:45. I took pictures of all my classmates, had them sign my yearbook and school t-shirt, and tried to hug most of them.

I knew today would be especially sad for me because we were moving to Illinois, and I might not see them again.

I don’t like to be bitter, but I was kind of glad that I wouldn’t see one student again, who had treated me badly during 3 of my 4 years at Salem Hills. They continually made faces at me, teased me, made fun of my interests and pointed out every flaw I had. As I still respect the person, I will keep them anonymous and under the fake name of Rom.

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My Design Collection

I just recently joined an amazing company called VIDA. It takes artwork and turns it into things like pillows, scarves, and tote bags. All VIDA designers get 10% of the money earned from their creations.

In addition, they donate a portion of their sales to help fund literacy programs for their manufacturers. I am proud to be part of this amazing program, and I hope you will help support them by buying something from my collection page or from someone else.

Use the promo codes below to save lots of money on your purchase:

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Life In Chicago

Hey, guys, it’s Kiran.

I know I haven’t posted a lot lately, and I’m super sorry! But, at least I’m posting now!

I’m going to talk a little about our new life in Chicago, subcategory: school. Our school is great! We have 8 3D printers, 15 sewing machines, a laser cutter and a machine called the Carvey.

Here is what we have been learning in Trimester 1:

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Why The Dakota Access Pipeline Is A TERRIBLE Idea

I think that the Dakota Access Pipeline should not be approved. The Dakota Access Pipeline is an oil pipeline that runs from North Dakota to Illinois, that will transport 470,000 barrels of ‘light sweet crude oil’: oil that is less than .42% sulfur. The CEO of the company Energy Transfer—which is making the pipeline—says it is 60% done. The reasons why I am not in support of the pipeline is firstly, because it puts the environment at risk. Secondly, it runs through Native American’s sacred land, and thirdly, because it isn’t very safe.

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Finally, A Place To Call Home… For The Next Year

After living in a 1 bedroom apartment since my SIG classes started, I am excited to announce we have found a place to live… for the next year. For obvious reasons I will not give out the name of the apartment building or the street on which it is located, but I will tell you that it is amazing!

It is a duplex apartment, meaning it has 2 floors. My family and I have been working hard to pack up our things from our house in Rochester, Minnesota and load them into the moving truck. We also went through the stuff from out condo in St. Paul to get things we wanted to bring.

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