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Net Neutrality

I support net neutrality, and always will. This is something important you may want to know about me. As a small blogger, this fundamental concept is super important to anyone who has used the internet (so all of you who are reading this).

For those of you who don’t know what net neutrality is, I’ve included an excerpt from

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Coming Soon: New Poetry

Coming Soon: New Poetry

In Humanities, we have been writing poems. We were assigned to write a poem about something we believe in (a motto, phrase or slogan), where we are (location, mind, family) and where we’re from (traditions, family, events).

I feel obligated to share these with you guys. I really hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them! Be on the lookout later this week, as I will try and post them by Friday afternoon.

Goodbye, for now!


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‘Look What You Made Me Do’ Is Out And I’m Not OK

It started with a blackout. Taylor Swift’s social media accounts collectively were wiped. Profile pictures, posts and even who she was following was all erased. Taylor Nation went into a frenzy and #TS6iscoming began trending as Swifties prepared for a new album.

Then, 3 cryptic snake videos were posted on an otherwise-blank social media page. The same day as the last snake video was released, the internet lost its mind.

Because this happened:

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China On Top Of Its Game: World’s Largest Solar Farm

China just set up the world’s largest solar farm, and get this: IT FLOATS. The farm has a capacity of 40 megawatts, enough to power 15,000 homes. It occupies 800,000 square meters in an area where coal was once mined.

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The Children’s March For The Future

The Children’s March for the Future is an event organized by S.A.O (Student Activism Organization) that I am very proud to be a part of. We are working on planning a march that will stand up for various Continue reading “The Children’s March For The Future”

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Scientists Discover 70 Million-Year-Old Dinosaur ‘Frozen In Time’

Dinosaurs have been extinct for around 65 million years, but scientists just released new details of a dinosaur they discovered on Thursday, described by Jonathan LaFaye as ‘frozen in time’. What does he mean by this? Click continue reading to find out!

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The Internet Is Torn About A Minute Insect Emoji

Many of you likely have emojis enabled on your phone, but one of them has sparked an interesting debate: the green creepy-crawly that some call a caterpillar, but others call a worm. This is the little monster: 🐛.

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Introducing VR and 360° Content for All Sites

Virtual reality… such an amazing concept! Explore an image from every angle as if you were there! Travel across the continent in the blink of an eye, or skyrocket up to mars in a flash!

Now, WordPress bloggers are able to add 360° pictures and videos to further enhance all our readers’ experiences on this amazing platform.

The Blog

Virtual Reality is coming to! As of today, you can create and publish your own VR content on any site, starting with 360° photos and 360° videos (beta), and you can view regular photos and panoramas in VR. Our goal is to make publishing VR content as simple as publishing text or photos to the web — just add VR content to your site and anyone with a web browser can instantly enjoy it.

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Taylor Swift’s New Song

Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 11.16.15 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-12-10 at 11.18.44 AM.png

Taylor Swift just released a new song with former One Direction member, Zayn Malik. It is part of the soundtrack of the movie Fifty Shades Darker.

The song is available on iTunes, as well as Vimeo. Being me, I flipped out when I heard the song was released. As you may remember, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles–another member of One Direction–dated a couple years ago, which might make things a little bit awkward.

Until next time,


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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, while enjoying a feast that was created by the pilgrims hundreds of years ago, eating foods that they didn’t even have.

So, let’s start by being grateful that we get to eat turkey and then go into a minor coma after Thanksgiving because the pilgrims didn’t have that. They had deer. And no pie either!

They also couldn’t turn on the TV and watch the Macys’ Thanksgiving Day Parade because TV didn’t exist. And (big shocker) neither did Macy’s!

And after spending a whole day being thankful for what we have, we completely lose our heads and elbow our way through a long line on Black Friday to buy more things so we can be thankful for those too! I can tell you the pilgrims didn’t have Black Friday in the 1600’s!

But it’s the one time of year where we get an excuse to stuff our faces with–well, stuffing! So enjoy today. Enjoy gorging yourself in turkey, and the mandatory nap afterwards.

This is where I leave you, deep in thought and thoroughly confused.

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My Design Collection

I just recently joined an amazing company called VIDA. It takes artwork and turns it into things like pillows, scarves, and tote bags. All VIDA designers get 10% of the money earned from their creations.

In addition, they donate a portion of their sales to help fund literacy programs for their manufacturers. I am proud to be part of this amazing program, and I hope you will help support them by buying something from my collection page or from someone else.

Use the promo codes below to save lots of money on your purchase:

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Why The Dakota Access Pipeline Is A TERRIBLE Idea

I think that the Dakota Access Pipeline should not be approved. The Dakota Access Pipeline is an oil pipeline that runs from North Dakota to Illinois, that will transport 470,000 barrels of ‘light sweet crude oil’: oil that is less than .42% sulfur. The CEO of the company Energy Transfer—which is making the pipeline—says it is 60% done. The reasons why I am not in support of the pipeline is firstly, because it puts the environment at risk. Secondly, it runs through Native American’s sacred land, and thirdly, because it isn’t very safe.

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Status Update: Harry Potter And The Cursed Child


I’m about halfway through Harry Potter and The Cursed Child after hearing nothing but good reviews about it. So far I am really enjoying it. It took me a while to get used to the play format,

(Albus: Hey…

Harry: Hello son!

ALBUS and HARRY embrace.)

but overall I am enjoying it. I really like imagining how different scenes would be played out in front of a live audience, with no film editing or animation. Maybe I will go see the play…

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A Letter To My Friends

Moving is hard.

You are leaving friends that you have been with for many years. You have laughed with them, cried with them and shared with them. You share inside jokes (“Greg, my shoe fell off!”, Mr. Traynor the Smurf, the old lady foot cheese and Cama Zotz and his chubby servant Goth) and enjoy spending time with them.

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Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

Many Harry Potter fans are delighted by the new Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I was excited too until I found out J.K. Rowling wasn’t writing it.

Then I found out it was a script book for a play, which has it’s premiere tonight in London. It follows 19 years after the book, where Harry is an overworked employee at the Ministry Of Magic, with his son Albus struggling with a family legacy he never wanted.

The book is released on the 31st, the day after the play’s premiere. I’m going to wait and see how people like it before I buy it.

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The New Kiranmathew Commercials

I just got an account on an animation program named PowToon. I have already made 2 advertisements for my blog, and here are the links:

I hope you enjoy!