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Spring Break; Day 2-3 activities

Post by Grace Westpfahl

Sorry I didn’t update yesterday! I kinda forgot that I was going to do this until it was too late.

But yesterday, I had waffles for breakfast, and I wore my favorite blue Minnesota sweatshirt and leggings. For lunch I had pizza. We went to Grand Slam. Then at 3:30 I was at the library for a writing club class thing. Then for dinner, I had mac and cheese.

Today I went to a book art place. I had lunch there, only a Dutch Chocolate muffin. I had leftover waffles for breakfast. We went to see Beauty and the Beast, and it was AMAZING. For dinner I had chicken.


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Spring Break; Day 1 Activities

Post by Grace Westpfahl

So today, I woke up, had a breakfast of eggs and toast. I got dressed in a light purple dress and jeggings. I put my hair in a ponytail with a pink binder.

I went to my grandma’s house today. We made really good sugar cookies and frosting. We sewed on a lot of my Girl Scout patches and badges onto my vest.

We played a bit of Words with Friends, and I had a lunch of a PB&J sandwich, grapes, and potato chips. When we finished the cookies, I got to eat the leftover frosting.

We also sewed a little wolf stuffed animal. It’s brown with stripes. We stitched ears, eyes, and the nose with black thread. We used black felt for the tail tip.

For dinner, I had Wendy’s. When I got home I roleplayed on Instagram, I drew a Pooh Bear and Baymax picture, played a little Roblox and watched a little Netflix.

I will write again tomorrow but for now,


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Spring Break!

Annotation by Kiran Mathew: GRACE IS BACK!!!

Hey guys, I’ve been off A LOT lately. I have been working on my stories on Wattpad (Dolphin417), helping out on a Wattpad help center account (ShiningStarsProgram), doing some role-playing on Instagram, and I am trying to rewrite Gleen Wood because I am not satisfied with it.I have learned some new tips while I was reading other stories, whether it was fanfictions or published stories.

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Gleen Wood- the mistake

Sorry guys! We made a new person, Meena, and made several big changes. We will post the new chap. 1-2 when we finish. Some of you might not have read Gleen Wood Chapters 1 and 2, so this doesn’t apply to you, but if you have, the new ones will be posted as soon as we finish them. Once again sorry, and hope you like the changes!

-Grace Westpfahl

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Gleen Wood

INTRO: By Grace Westpfahl

Gleen Wood is a story about a group of kids who have magic powers. They use them to stop evil in the world, and learn a few things along the way. Read as they defeat evil such as The Voodoo Lord and his evil minions, the Shapeshifter, and thousands of others.

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Gleen Wood

By:Grace Westpfahl, Saleha Ali, and Kiran Mathew

CHAPTER ONE: The letters

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