It’s Been a While

I’d be lying if I said I ever expected myself to write this post. Truth be told a couple of months ago I took it upon myself to make the site completely disappear. The posts were archived, social links vanished, and it was made completely invisible to search engines. School was stressful, and in the meager amounts of free time I found myself with, I discovered this blog no longer instilled me with a sense of purpose like it used to.

It’s been a year since the purge, and I’ve located a 22-day period of relatively uneventful days before the impending doom that is freshman year.

Now I could drag this post on for a lot longer to secure sweet ad money, but for once I’ll think of the readers and be short and to the point. These 22 days surely promise lots of adventures, and maybe some worth blogging about. I can’t promise a lot, but what I will offer is 22 days for me to figure out what the future of this site is.



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