The Rebel/Follower Duality

This is a writing prompt; you can see the original idea here.

“There are two kinds of people…those who ______ and those who _______.”

Here goes nothing:

“There are two kinds of people, Rex. Those who obey and respect Lord Zule, and those who die. Do you want to live?” Erin stared at me, intently. His pink eyes penetrated my soul, gazing right at my own magenta set. I was the black sheep of the family: magenta eyes, not pink. Blue streaked hair, not red streaked. Quiet and reserved, not outgoing and reckless. It was the source of lots of harassment from my brothers, such as Erin.

“Rustav is–”

Lord Zule.” Erin interrupts. “You know you’re not supposed to say his first name. If you get caught…”

“I know, I know. Torture. Execution. Prison. But by joining the Rebellion, I can save everyone in those cells. We can take back our planet from the Ouveraal Regime!” I’m excited, and I can tell I’m wearing him down.

“I cannot stop you. But go. If they find me and read my mind, I do not want to know anything else, should I jeopardize you and your team.” He hugs me tight, and after a couple seconds, finally pulls away. “May Udam be with you.”

“Brother, Udam is god of the insane.”

“I know.” There is a silence, and I can tell we’re both thinking the same thing–this may be the last time we ever see each other. I clutch my electron pistol tightly, my other hand fingering the button I must press to exit the bunker. I press it, and the air current quickly sucks me through the tube and out into the world. There’s still debris everywhere, leftover from The Enshrouded War. Lord Zule and his goons don’t want to ‘waste precious finances’ by cleaning up.

I trip over concrete and Voblantine. During the war, a scam started, selling ‘enhanced Voblantine’ that could ‘withstand any weapon’. It turned out to be regular Voblantine but covered in water and frozen. By the time people figured it out, they had already remodeled their houses and even bunkers with the gunk. Over time, Voblantine turns into a liquid. It happens in 10 stages, and judging by the slimy texture of the stuff stuck to my combat boots, it’s around stage 6.

I arrive at the bunker, and Captain Cara Magnique greets me. Now, I am an Angel of Lost Hope.


Thank you so much for reading!! I’d like to thank for some great names!




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