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The Time I Had The Cleaning Bug

My life has become Pinterest.

I randomly decided to clean my entire room (not including my closet. That nightmare is a story for another time) a couple weeks ago. It is surprising how having a clean space to work really boosted my productivity!

I also made…*drumroll*a Boredom Jar™️ (it’s not actually trademarked. I just want to look professional). I put little sticky notes in, each with an idea like ‘draw a picture’ or ‘clean the whiteboard’.

Wait: ‘clean the whiteboard’? What gENIOUS came up with that?


Anywayyyy…my room is clean.

I hope to blog more in the future.

For now: homework.




Kiran is in 7th grade, and lives in Chicago. He enjoys writing, and blogging. He owns Check him out on Twitter and Instagram: @kiranmathew19. Kiran loves Taylor Swift, writing and his dog Cocoa.

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