Where I Am From Poem

Poem #2.


^That was short.

Oh well.

I am from Minnesota.

Cold winters and warm summers.

Some dude with a blue cow

is more famous than I feel comfortable to tell.

Our state fruit is trademarked.

And our state flower is sexist.

I am from 6 hour drives to Chicago

to see my uncles and grandparents.

I am from 3 hour drives to Wisconsin

to see aunts and uncles and cousins.

I am from driving an hour every day after school.

To Rochester from St. Paul at the school day’s end.

I am from the Angry Bird pencil toppers,

that still sit on my desk.

Playing with them whenever we had a shred of


Time seems so elusive, looking back.

It is elusive.

I am from a family that believes we have to live in the moment.

From family dinners and walks with Cocoa.

Leash jangling and keys twinkling.

We hear wind chimes above us,

some sound like gongs.

Others are light and soft.

I am from bike rides to the park.

Scooters zipping across paths.

“Hecate! Artemis!”

Explosions and magic spells

that exist only in our minds.

Reading books of fantasy worlds.

Things I never could imagine were these characters’ realities.

Demigods and magic wands and giant krakens and deities.

You could never understand what these things mean to me.

Zombies in Photo Booth and animals gone wild.

Papers and erasers create such a big pile.

Playing games and making games and editing games galore!

We’re not bored anymore.

I am from forts.

Bedrooms and living rooms.

Giant pillows and long blankets.

Filling room after room with magical structures.

Collapsing, rebuilding. Animals at work.

Ottomans and carpets join in on the fun.

CDs of Taylor Swift moved out of the way.

The TV is shifted so we can create.

Called for dinner, construction on hold.

A pause button.

A call to live in the moment.

I am from happiness.

I am from love.

I am from family.


1 thought on “Where I Am From Poem

  1. This poem is your best yet! Very insightful.

    Go Cubs buddy!

    Liked by 1 person

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