This I Believe Poem

So I had a little time this morning, and I thought to myself: why not post one of my poems? I copied it from the Word document and pasted it here, did a little revising and editing and now, dear critics, it is yours to tear apart.

Fuzzy blankets make you happy. This I believe.

If I’ve had a stressful day,

or my homework’s piled high,

I lay down with my fuzzy blanket,

and let my worries drift away.

Protected and safe,

my very own cocoon.

I have nothing urgent or pressing.

Just lying there, just resting.

Enjoying my existence, the blanket clearing my head

I can simply sit and think deep thoughts.

Very deep thoughts.

I am happy there, wrapped in my blanket.

Like a human burrito.

It is a place of tranquility.

Of peace.

Sometimes I pull out a novel from my LGBTQ book club

but there are times when

I simply lay there.

A welcome break from the chaos of life.

that warm blanket wrapped around me.

I am reflecting on the day,

and wondering how I can make the next one better.

Calm, cool and collected.

Warm, comforting and light.

Fuzzy and warm and it makes me feel like I’m floating.

No weight on my shoulders from bags of homework.

No ache in my neck from turning to see the board.

No pain in my feet from walking up stairs.

No throb in my head from thinking a lot.

I am happy to be here,

laying on my bed.

The problems of the world, for a moment, are gone.

Sirens silenced.

Gunshots muffled.

Crying quieted.

It is my safe place.

My warm place.

My good place.

When I am wrapped in that blanket,

like a crooked painting,

the world is righted.



A place where I can simply.


Fuzzy blankets make you happy. This I believe.

Thank you so much for reading! I will have the rest of the poems posted by the end of this week.




1 thought on “This I Believe Poem

  1. Everyone needs a good fuzzy blanket now and then buddy. And Cocoa is even fuzzier!

    Liked by 1 person

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