Symptoms Of Being Human: A Book Review

It should be no surprise I read a lot of LGBTQ+ lit.

And Riley is my new hero.

Read on.

I really recommend it.

Symptoms Of Being Human is a sharp, witty and humorous novel that describes teenage Riley’s journey of being a closeted genderfluid person. When their therapist suggests that Riley start an anonymous blog to let out some of those un-expressed feelings, Riley jumps at the idea.

Riley describes gender fluidity as a dial, not a switch. When she wakes up, it isn’t set at M(asculine) or F(eminine): it might be somewhere in between. I found a great resource online called the Gender Unicorn online:


^ Let me just point out that unicorn is SO ADORABLE!


Ok back to the book.

Riley’s father is running for congressman of her conservative (yikes!) town, and the pressure is on as the media is getting very involved in her life. When Riley’s anonymous blog is featured on the site Queer Alliance, she gains a ton of followers! After a story breaks about Riley helping someone after coming out goes viral, her followers increase even more!

But among a constant stream of positive messages thanking Riley, someone keeps sending hate messages.

And they might know who Riley is.

Tackling problems with adorable humor and the lovable awkwardness I’ve learned to love about Riley, exploring her complex and thought-provoking story is definitely worth your time.

Read it.



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