Choosing A Side In The Battle Of Heroes (And Villians)

Rebecca walks into kindergarten, clutching her blue backpack tightly. When she sits criss-cross-applesauce with the rest of the group, the teacher tells everyone in the class to name their two favorite superheroes. Rebecca proudly announces “Iron Man and Catwoman!”. Nobody thinks this is a problem.

Many years later, in middle school, Rebecca’s 6th-grade class is asked the same question. She, again, proudly announces Mr. Stark’s and Ms. Kyle’s superhero names. The room falls silent, and one student pipes up.

“You need to choose,” he says. “DC or Marvel?”. Rebecca had been dreading this question since the day she found out heroes and villains didn’t live in the same universe. The Hulk would never meet Harley Quinn and Captain America could never battle Poison Ivy. Rebecca made the decision right then and there, blurting it out to a chorus of cheers and moans from her classmates as they realized their team had won…or lost.

It is very difficult to choose. I–like many other kids–lived until about age 9 until realizing DC and Marvel were different universes. I had to devote time, attention and even money to but one of the conflicting brands. I put the decision off until recently when I discovered Harley Quinn. Then, my stance changed completely. I devoted myself completely to DC, never looking back on the time I had watched Avengers and loved it. Hours of searching the internet, learning everything about everyone I could. Damian Wayne, Robin, and Nightwing soon morphed into one hero, Catwoman and Batman became an amazing power couple and I became obsessed with Harley Quinn, all as my research went further. I downloaded Injustice 1 and 2 on my phone, as well as (Suicide) Squadmoji and DC Legends. I changed my phone’s wallpaper to the Clown Queen herself, my computer’s screen saver morphing into a slideshow of her past.

It is a difficult choice once you realize the world of heroes and villains is split in half, and you have to choose one…or do you? I–like many other people–wait for the day where we can again look back on our past where we adored both brands equally. Maybe DC and Marvel can collaborate to make a cinematic masterpiece, where the ultimate legion of heroes is formed. Black Widow and Black Canary can high five like old friends when really, they are new ones. Cyborg will run up and hug Captain America. Deadpool will hug Deadshot and all will be normal. I long for that day.

What about you? DC or Marvel? Answer the poll below:



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