I’m A Slightly Better Photographer With A Good Camera

Hi everyone!

As will be demonstrated in the images below, my photography skills have ever-so-slightly improved. I think the photo I am most proud of would have to be the close-up of the grass at the park. As the greenery stretches out behind the blades of grass, they become more and more unrecognizable, melting into each other, while the original blades stand out in the front.


This one is also pretty good. the ivy-covered brick building in the background (close-up included later on) gives a darker tint to the right side of the picture, while sunlight illuminates the left side.


This bright picture which centers on a parking sign highlights tall apartment buildings and dark green trees.

All right, I’m going to stop the commentary now. I think you get the point.



3 thoughts on “I’m A Slightly Better Photographer With A Good Camera

  1. I agree…the grass photo is the best! Keep practicing and improving.

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  2. Great bokeh on the blades of grass photo (out-of-focus areas of a photographic image)!!

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