Happy June everyone!

June is a happy and sad time for a lot of people. It means that school is letting out, and in grades like 5th, 8th and 12th, it means saying goodbye to your friends as you will be moving onto Middle School, High School or College.

That being said I want to thank the members of my 6th Grade class for a truly memorable year. Especially Aidan, Giacomo, and Oscar, who will be changing schools next year.

People born in June are usually extroverts, and enjoy being around lots of people. The June birthstone is pearl, which symbolizes cheerfulness and inner beauty. I have to disagree though–I believe everyone has both inner and outer beauty, not just people born in June (nothing against people born in June. You’re beautiful too😉)

You’ll notice this post is colored with the rainbow. This is because June is Pride Month! Yipee!! (*insert a bazillion rainbow flag emojis*).

Have a great month everyone, and I’ll be sure to post more.



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