Winter Break (because we need another week off for some reason)

For winter break this year I stayed in Chicago. I did a lot of fun stuff with family and friends so click read more!

First, my cousin came from Connecticut for four days. On day one, Friday, we took the train downtown and walked around the college she was touring on Monday and went to the Bean. Then we stopped for lunch at a french cafe. After that, we took the train home and watched The Office (the US version). The next day we went to a farmers market in the morning and watched The Office for the rest of the day.

On Sunday we went to the zoo and played a lot of Pokemon Go.  Then we went to lunch and played some basketball with my brother, my mom, my dad, Christina (my 2nd 3rd I have no idea cousin), and Neil (Christina’s boyfriend). On Monday I wasn’t feeling well so I stayed home while my mom, my cousin, and Christina toured the college. Sadly, my cousin left after that. For the next day I stayed home and did some homework, so on Wednesday, I had time to go to a museum with my dad. Then on Thursday I read and did some more work (mainly organizational work).

Then on Friday my friend Kat came to my house for a sleepover where we went to a basketball game, watched anime, and played video games. then just after Kat left I went to my other friend’s house for her birthday party. We went to dinner at an Italian place then went to see La La Land. After which we came back to her house and were almost immediately picked up. On Sunday I saw another basketball game with Kat’s basketball team (we go to different schools). After that, I went home and got ready for school the next day of school.



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