Day 5: A Movie And 2 Dinners

We went to the pool around 10 AM, and it got cloudy around noon so we went back to our condo. I worked a little on my VIDA collection (which I hope you guys will visit), and at 3:15 we went to see A Dog’s Purpose.


A Dog’s Purpose was really good, but definitely a tear-jerker. The story follows a dog named Bailey who has an owner named Ethan, who he is with from a young age (probably 2nd or 3rd grade) up until when Ethan goes to college. Bailey becomes sad and lethargic and eventually dies.

While this may seem sad, Bailey comes back to life as another dog with another owner–a police officer heartbroken over the apparent loss of his wife. Then another, and another. There are several moments in the movie where you will cry, but it’s a heartwarming and sweet story overall.

After that, we went to dinner at around 5:00 at Blue Pointe Oyster Bar. We had the tuna poke, edamame, and blackened fish bites. After that, we took Grandpa out to dinner at Cass Cay, while Kyra and Daddy stayed behind to catalog comic books into a spreadsheet in Excel.


Talk to you tomorrow!



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