Day 3: Tarpon Lodge and LEGOS

Hey, all!

Sorry I didn’t post last night. We got home from dinner at about 10:30 and I was exhausted, so I didn’t post my draft that I had already written. There was a power outage this morning so I couldn’t post it then.

Just so I don’t confuse you, I’m setting the publishing date to yesterday so you don’t get confused. What that means, is that it will display that it was published yesterday, even though it wasn’t.

Yesterday I got out my LEGOS from the closet and played with them. It is a set called Monster Fighters, where you get sets of different locations (example: laboratory) and you get some monsters (example: Dr. Frankenstein and his monster) and some Monster Fighters, who try to attack the monsters. So far I have The Crazy Scientist And His Monster, The Mummy, The Werewolf and The Swamp Monster. I hope to get the vampire set soon.

After that, we went to the pool for a little bit. Then we came home, and I started drafting the post you’re reading right now (but obviously I’ve edited it since then because I obviously can’t predict the future).

At 7:10, we left for dinner at Tarpon Lodge. I fell asleep in the half-hour car ride, and when I woke up I couldn’t move my neck. After we were seated, Uncle Tom worked his magic and restored mobility to my neck.

For an appetizer, we had the blackened fish bites, which I strongly recommend (even if you don’t like fish). They were—to say the least—spectacular. They didn’t taste fishy at all, and everyone really enjoyed them.

They also served us bread and butter. The butter had fresh herbs on top, and we loved it. We ordered seconds of the amazing dish.

For dinner, I had the blue crab and corn chowder. If you like clam chowder, get this. It tastes very good and it comes with oyster crackers. The chowder itself has a consistency slightly thicker than water, and the pieces of crab and corn are bite-sized; maybe the size of a nickel at most.

Well, see you guys tonight (I say that because I actually posted this today, not yesterday, I just set the date to make you think I did so you wouldn’t  know that I was just too tired to click Publish.




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