Day 2: Alligators And Manatees


For years we’ve been going to our condo in Florida, and we always see alligators in ponds and small lakes around the area. Recently, they’ve started removing the alligators for safety reasons.


Today saw a mother and 4 babies.  The babies appear to be nesting under the bank near a tree and according to Mr. Scott, a law enforcement official, the highest baby count is eight. He said they remove aggressive or very large gators.

Mr. Scott and others are worried that “once the babies become vocal, they will literally lure other gators to the area”.  Since male alligators eat their own young, the mother will have to become more aggressive to defend her babies, at which point they may need to be removed. A large amount of alligators in a small area might also be a problem. Here is a picture of the pond without gator below:



Above are 2 pictures of when the mother alligator climbed onto the bank. We were far enough away that we knew we were not in danger, but close enough to snap a nice picture once we zoomed in a little.

We also went to the docks and we met some very friendly (and adorable) manatees.20170220_112722.jpg

After our run-in with the animals of Florida, we went to the pool.


See you tomorrow!



4 thoughts on “Day 2: Alligators And Manatees

  1. Thanks for sharing your stories!

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  2. Another great day! Thanks for reminding us about how much fun we have!

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  3. Great to see and read about your fun days in Florida! The thought of alligators lying around near the place you stay is both scary at the same time amazing! Enjoy your holiday.

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