The Best (Kid-Friendly) Drinks

As a kid myself, I know the feeling when my parents are having all these fancy (and alcoholic) drinks with cool names, and I starve for something other than sparkling fruit flavored La Croix.
I have compiled this list of the best drinks for kids to enjoy during the holidays (and all the time, really!) The reason I have not included pictures is because this is only supposed to get your brain going. This is not set it stone, and therefore, I don’t want you to mimic what I have created, but rather make your own.

1: Virgin Old Fashioned

You will need: simple syrup, an flavor of sparkling ICE water (not to be confused with water with ice in it, ICE water is sparkling water with very sweet fruit flavors. Personally, I prefer Cherry Limeade for this particular drink), blood orange bitterscardamom bitters and an orange.

Use a cup you normally use for old fashioneds. Fill it 1/2 to 3/4 of the way full with ice (not ICE, the sparkling beverage. Just ice, as in, frozen water). Add 2 drops of cardamom bitters, and 2 drops or blood orange bitters (feel free to adjust amount depending on your child’s preferences). Add 2 tablespoons of simple syrup (again, change the recipe if needed. I should really make an asterisk for  this!). Fill with ICE (the sparkling fruit-flavoured beverage) up halfway. Add some orange rind as garnish.

2: Cinnamon Vanilla Milk

You will need: milk, cinnamon, vanilla extract.

Fill mug with milk and micorwave for 1 minute and 3o seconds*. Add 1 tablespoon* of cinnamon, and 3 drops* of vanilla extract. Stir well and place in mircorwave again if nessesary.

3: Blackberry Mint Refresher

You will need: blackberries, simple syrup, mint leaves, club soda.

Add whole or crushed ice. Fill glass halfway* with club soda. Add 1 teaspoon* of simple syrup and gently stir. Add balckberries and mint leaves. Stir well, and add more club soda* to drink.

4: Kiddie Cocktail

You will need: grenadine (or the juice from conatiners of maraschino cherries), 7up, maraschino cherries.

Fill glass with 7up. Add half a tablespoon of grenadine*, along with 3 cherries* to the glass. Stir gently and enjoy!

5: Cherry Ginger Ale

You will need: maraschino cherries, ginger ale, grenadine (or the juice from conatiners of maraschino cherries) and fresh ginger (optional).

Fill glass with ginger ale and add 3 maraschino cherries*. Add tablespoon of grenadine* and stir gently. For a fresh ginger taste, cut of small chunks of fresh ginger and add to drink.

I hope you will use all these ideas, and share your ideas with me on Twitter or via email!



1 thought on “The Best (Kid-Friendly) Drinks

  1. These are awesome! I think I know that Virginia Old Fashioned recipe from somewhere….

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