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The Best (Kid-Friendly) Drinks

As a kid myself, I know the feeling when my parents are having all these fancy (and alcoholic) drinks with cool names, and I starve for something other than sparkling fruit flavored La Croix.
I have compiled this list of the best drinks for kids to enjoy during the holidays (and all the time, really!) The reason I have not included pictures is because this is only supposed to get your brain going. This is not set it stone, and therefore, I don’t want you to mimic what I have created, but rather make your own.

1: Virgin Old Fashioned

You will need: simple syrup, an flavor of sparkling ICE water (not to be confused with water with ice in it, ICE water is sparkling water with very sweet fruit flavors. Personally, I prefer Cherry Limeade for this particular drink), blood orange bitterscardamom bitters and an orange.

Use a cup you normally use for old fashioneds. Fill it 1/2 to 3/4 of the way full with ice (not ICE, the sparkling beverage. Just ice, as in, frozen water). Add 2 drops of cardamom bitters, and 2 drops or blood orange bitters (feel free to adjust amount depending on your child’s preferences). Add 2 tablespoons of simple syrup (again, change the recipe if needed. I should really make an asterisk for  this!). Fill with ICE (the sparkling fruit-flavoured beverage) up halfway. Add some orange rind as garnish.

2: Cinnamon Vanilla Milk

You will need: milk, cinnamon, vanilla extract.

Fill mug with milk and micorwave for 1 minute and 3o seconds*. Add 1 tablespoon* of cinnamon, and 3 drops* of vanilla extract. Stir well and place in mircorwave again if nessesary.

3: Blackberry Mint Refresher

You will need: blackberries, simple syrup, mint leaves, club soda.

Add whole or crushed ice. Fill glass halfway* with club soda. Add 1 teaspoon* of simple syrup and gently stir. Add balckberries and mint leaves. Stir well, and add more club soda* to drink.

4: Kiddie Cocktail

You will need: grenadine (or the juice from conatiners of maraschino cherries), 7up, maraschino cherries.

Fill glass with 7up. Add half a tablespoon of grenadine*, along with 3 cherries* to the glass. Stir gently and enjoy!

5: Cherry Ginger Ale

You will need: maraschino cherries, ginger ale, grenadine (or the juice from conatiners of maraschino cherries) and fresh ginger (optional).

Fill glass with ginger ale and add 3 maraschino cherries*. Add tablespoon of grenadine* and stir gently. For a fresh ginger taste, cut of small chunks of fresh ginger and add to drink.

I hope you will use all these ideas, and share your ideas with me on Twitter or via email!




Kiran is in 7th grade, and lives in Chicago. He enjoys writing, and blogging. He owns Check him out on Twitter and Instagram: @kiranmathew19. Kiran loves Taylor Swift, writing and his dog Cocoa.

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