Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, while enjoying a feast that was created by the pilgrims hundreds of years ago, eating foods that they didn’t even have.

So, let’s start by being grateful that we get to eat turkey and then go into a minor coma after Thanksgiving because the pilgrims didn’t have that. They had deer. And no pie either!

They also couldn’t turn on the TV and watch the Macys’ Thanksgiving Day Parade because TV didn’t exist. And (big shocker) neither did Macy’s!

And after spending a whole day being thankful for what we have, we completely lose our heads and elbow our way through a long line on Black Friday to buy more things so we can be thankful for those too! I can tell you the pilgrims didn’t have Black Friday in the 1600’s!

But it’s the one time of year where we get an excuse to stuff our faces with–well, stuffing! So enjoy today. Enjoy gorging yourself in turkey, and the mandatory nap afterwards.

This is where I leave you, deep in thought and thoroughly confused.


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