5 AWESOME Halloween Decorations (In No Particular Order)

Haloween is only about a month away, and people are starting to prepare. Wether ‘prepare’ means setting up early or just ordering decorations off Amazon a month in advance so you don’t have to pay for expensive shipping.

I’ve compiled a short list of 5 awesome Halloween decorations. Please note that these are in no particular order or listed by least awesome to most awesome, or vice versa.

1: Halloween Deluxe Super Strech Spiderweb

This item is available at Target or on target.com for $3.00. It is 16 feet and can stretch up to 200. This is one of the mahalloween-spider-web1.jpgny classic items people use on Halloween and is truly something you can’t go wrong with.



2: Potion Bottles

Potion bottles make a really nice touch on a windowsill, or on a porch. Craft stores usually have them, but the price can be kind of steep. You can buy some pretty cool-looking ones on Amazon, but they usually come in sets and potion.jpgall look the same. Personally, I don’t like when they are all the same. I like to change it up and add some variety, so I recommend DIYing it. I found a pretty cool website that gives step-by-step instructions on how to make your very own professional-looking potion bottles.


3: Rat Skeleton

Ok, I’ll admit, I’ve never seen this one before.

146225_mainA rat skeleton is a pretty cool idea! I found this on Grandin Road, and it looks really cool! The tails are bendable, the head swivels and the jaws open and close! I recommend buying several, to make your own rat colony!






4: Fog Machine

This isn’t really a decoration, but I felt like I had to include it. I’ve always been fdownload.jpegascinated with smoke and fog for some reason. The way it billows is just so enchanting to me. A fog machine is really a great touch to give a creepy effect on your house. I found one here.


5: Striking Snake

Everybody’s seen the creepy hands that grab you as you reach toward a bowl of candy, but what about a snake doing that same thing? I found a really cool one on halloweencostumes.com. It requires 4 AA batteries and is motion activated. With glowing red eyes and realistic sounds, it will surely frighten anyone who comes knocking on your door! View it here.striking-snake.jpg


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