A Rundown: Legally Speaking

As you guys know, I attended SIG this summer. Tomorrow is our last day, and I thought it would be nice to give you all a rundown of my courses and what I did.

For Legally Speaking I made a presentation on the steps of a criminal trial with my friend Berk. The final project for our class was a mock trial of the case of Dale Reynolds, who on September 30 shot and killed her abusive stepfather. She was being charged with first-degree murder, and her defense was she acted out of fear and self-defense due to 12 years of abuse.

I chose to play the part of a witness for the defense team: Dr. Pat Carroll. My job was to testify that I believed Dale was suffering from battered child syndrome at the time the crime was committed.

As I witness I did not have much to do, so I decided to help the defense team prepare for the trial in my free time. We put together lists of questions and information for the trial.

On Thursday, we held the mock trial. Unfortunately, my well-prepared defense team lost, but Dale was not given the first-degree charge, but instead a lesser second-degree charge.

I will post about my next class later.


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