A Writing Prompt: Re-Imagine The Story

Classroom Activity: Re-Imagine the Story
  • When reading a class novel or play, encourage critical reading and transliteracy by asking students to re-imagine the story in a different media.  In other words, if it were not a traditional narrative or play, how could the same story be told in different ways?  Students might choose to tell the story through the Facebook profiles and status updates of multiple characters; Tumblr posts incorporating text, photos, and video;  an interactive Prezi that permits readers to navigate away from the linear narrative flow; a series of Vine videos posted to Twitter or Instagram, or a series of posts on a website using pictures and text.

Found on https://sites.google.com/a/ualberta.ca/fanfiction-for-literacy/resources/classroom-activities

I will be posting this in a series, throughout the next 65 minutes (from 3:10 to 4:15 CT).

I hope you enjoy!


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