Caryn’s Writing Prompt

Here is one of the stories I wrote at SIG during my Fan Fiction class. Caryn (the TA) was the one who gave this writing prompt to me.

Dear Julius House,

Due to the growing amount of crime in our neighborhood, we (Lisa Raye Jekyll, Coraline Hemingway, Otis Florentine, Heidi Flash, Austin Charm and myself) have decided to start Neighborhood Watch program.

Your friend,

Katerina Petrov

I scowled as I looked at the letter my nemesis had sent me in the mail. We are neighbors and I’m not happy about it.

I decided to join, just so I could try to annoy Katrina, who thought the was the most amazing person in the world because she was the lead dancer at some prestigious Russian ballet company.

I picked up my phone and found Katerina’s contact card. I unblocked her and dialed her number.

“Hello?” Katerina answered sounding as snobby as ever.

“I want to join the neighborhood watch. Bye.” I hung up before Katerina could say anything mean. Seconds later, my phone dinged. A message alert appeared:

New message from Katerina Petrov

Meet at my house for NHW. NOW!!

I got in my car and drove away. As I neared closer to Katerina’s house I saw Austin Charm’s gleaming Jaguar finding a parking spot on the street. “Hey Austin!” I called. “How’s business at the country club?”

“Good,” Austin smiled. He opened the door of his car and stepped out with a towel hanging on his arm and wearing red swim trunks. His perfectly white teeth gleamed in the sunlight.

I opened the door to Katerina’s large house, and Austin and I stepped inside.

“About time,” Katerina said. She handed Austin and I a glass of water. Then with a flick of her hand, she spilled the water on me.

“Ohmygosh, I’m sooo sorry!” Katerina lied. She handed me a used tissue to clean it up.

“Thanks, but no thanks,” I muttered, and tossed the tissue in the garbage can. I glared at Katerina and sat down on the couch next to Otis Florentine the exterminator.

“So, you all know why we’re here” Katerina broke the off-task conversations among the people attending the meeting. “We want to minimize crime in the neighborhood by starting a Neighborhood Watch program,” she said.

“And how are we going to do that?” Coraline Hemmingway said snottily, busily taking notes on a legal pad. The 12-year-old girl was a child genius who would be attending Harvard University next year.

“With our combined talents, we can find a way.” Katerina retaliated. “Like for example, Otis could put a camera in one of those things he puts in the walls to see if there are bugs, and we could maneuver it from inside the house using strings and weights.”

Even I—who didn’t like Katerina in the least—had to admit that it was a good idea.

“What’s our budget?” Heidi Flash asked, who was unemployed as of last week. By her own husband.

“Good question…Let’s see: If I make $5,000 a month…”  Katerina began calculating on a napkin. Meanwhile, Coraline was buzzing around the room, asking everyone about their monthly income, which was a little embarrassing.

“2.3 million dollars!” Coraline screamed after she had whizzed around the room. It seemed like she was determined to show off.

“Good, I can get some high-tech security equipment for our operation.” Heidi cheered, sounding excited. “I can also manage it during the day when you guys are at work and school,” Heidi continued.

“Don’t go overboard,” I cut her off. “Coraline added our whole monthly income into that equation, and I don’t want all of my money put into neighborhood watch. I will give you one thousand dollars to work with every month.”

Others started noticing the discrepancy and Coraline turned red in the face. Pretty soon, everyone had only contributed 1/5 of their monthly income for Heidi to work with.

“This means…”

“$460,000” Coraline cut Katerina off.

“I can work with that,” Heidi said, sounding like a deflated balloon.

~ ~ ~

When I came back from work the next day he heard sirens. What the heck? I wondered. I ran over to the source of the sirens—Katerina’s house. When I got there, I put my index finger on a fingerprint scanner, and the heavy metal door swung open.

As I stepped inside, I saw a man wearing a mask stuck inside a giant fishing net which was hanging from the ceiling. The sirens were almost deafening now, and I turned towards the control panel hidden behind the paining and turned them off.

“I bought the criminal!” Heidi screamed. Her hair looked like it had been in a fight with a beaver—all wild and frizzy—and Katerina’s houses didn’t look any better. Pots and pans were overturned and rolling on the ground, and pillows were ripped apart on the sofa.

Lamps were overturned and flickering, and there were wires dangling from the ceiling, no doubt connecting the control panel to other crazy traps and defenses Heidi had rigged.

“You’re right,” I grinned. “Neighborhood watch has been a success.”

I heard panting behind us, and I see Katerina standing there, huffing and puffing in a ballet costume.

“I had to leave a concert when I heard the sire… WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY HOUSE?”


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