I’ve Been Busy…

Over the past 5 days, I have done lots of things to keep myself busy. I have been spending time with my grandparents and my sister in South Barrington, around 45 minutes away from Chicago.

Here is basically what I’ve been doing:


Me and my sister Kyra have been working on several comedic plays (five to be exact!), and we got to show our parents today when they drove from Rochester. The plays are:

~Learning Spanish

~The Acting Tryout

~Adventures In Babysitting

~The Spies

~The Kim Kardashian Hour

‘The Ocean Game’

Me and my sister went with our grandparents to Toys R Us and I bought a little box of sea animals. Kyra and I took over the living room and spent hours playing ‘The Ocean Game’.

Movies and TV

Kyra and I watched ‘Adventures In Babysitting’ for the first time, along with some episodes of the new Disney show, Walk The Prank. We also went to the local AMC and saw ‘The Secret Life Of Pets’.

The ‘Lovebirds’

When we went to Toys R Us, Kyra bought some ‘Lovebirds’, made by the company ‘Little Live Pets’. You can record messages, and the birds say it back about 20 octaves higher! When I recorded myself singing the high note in ‘This Little Light Of Mine’, the bird’s reply made me half expect my glasses to shatter.



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