Our 1-Year Anniversary

Kiranmathew started exactly one year ago when I had nothing to do one afternoon, and my Mom came to me with the computer in her hands, and told me to watch a video on it. It turned out to be a YouTube video explaining how to get a blog on WordPress.

A year later, I’m still blogging! It’s been a great way to publish my writing and connect with a large audience. Along the way, I’ve added new authors to help me out!

I got this achievement today:Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 1.54.34 PM.png

I am so happy I’ve had this blog as a creative outlet, and I hope to continue it for a very long time.

I love you all!





5 thoughts on “Our 1-Year Anniversary

  1. Congratulations on your accomplishment and the wonderful and creative ways you’ve expressed yourself and provoked our minds!
    Love you so much!

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  2. Anoop Chauhan 14 Jul 2016 — 1:51 pm

    Well done and congratulation. Keep up the good work.

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  3. Congratulations, Kiran!

    It’s quite an achievement these days to stick to anything for one year. Keep on truckin’!


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  4. Kiran– I am so proud that you made your first blog anniversary today!
    I love your writing and I love your dedicated perspective.
    Light, caring, gentle, sincere, sometimes deep, but also humorous. This perspective will take you far!
    I am looking forward to being along in your thoughts and stories as you and your writing grow!! xoxox Your friend, (and former teacher),

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  5. Meria Kolathu 15 Jul 2016 — 6:40 pm

    Hi Kiran, Congrats on your one year! You may not know this, but I’ve been reading your blog all along! Hope to see many more! – Meria Chechi

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