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Happy July, everyone!

July is a special month for Kiranmathew! One year ago, on July 13th, this blog was created. I remember sitting at the very table I am now, rattling off posts like Choices, Choices, Choices (my first post)Minions! (my second post)My Loveable Dog, Cocoa (my third post)and my first short story published on the blog: The Zookeeper And The Green Banana (my fourth post)

As I was looking through some of the older posts on my blog, I saw one written on July 14th, titled ‘Exciting!’.

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 8.34.52 AM

It is so sad to think that next year I will be in Chicago, and I cannot continue to sing with the Boychoir. I will still insist though, that this is not goodbye. This is not goodbye to all my friends, and this is not goodbye to Mr. Johnson, who has run the Minnesota Boychoir for 24 years, and made it a habit to know each boy individually.

Ok, I’m going to stop making myself cry right now.

People born in July are usually introverts, but can give lots of wisdom if you listen closely. They are much smarted than anyone gives them credit for. The July gemstone is the ruby, which symbolizes love, health and wisdom. It is believed that a pure red ruby brings good luck.



Kiran is in 6th grade, and lives in Chicago. He enjoys writing, and blogging. He owns Check him out on Twitter and Instagram: @kiran_mathew_. Kiran loves Taylor Swift, Greek mythology and his dog Cocoa.

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