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Happy May!

The May birthstone is emerald, carrying the rich green color of happy springtime that May brings. Emeralds are very rare and are usually mined in Colombia, Brazil, Afghanistan, and Zambia.


People born in May usually possess very rare and unique abilities or talents. People born in May usually go into healthcare, or sometimes study the earth.

And something very exciting is happening in May; The Children’s March For The Future! I hope to see you there on May 20th at Daley Plaza, 10 AM.




Kiran is in 7th grade, and lives in Chicago. He enjoys writing, and blogging. He owns Check him out on Twitter and Instagram: @kiranmathew19. Kiran loves Taylor Swift, writing and his dog Cocoa.

One thought on “May

  1. Most people I know that were born in May are pretty cool. Although some of them are total freaks. Good to see you’re blogging again!

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