My Super Hero Mashers Commercial


This was my first commercial, for the amazing product Super Hero Mashers. I would have told you guys right when we finished filming, but I wasn’t allowed to say anything until it came out. My friend Henry alerted me when he saw it on Cartoon Network. At first I didn’t believe him, but after some digging through YouTube, I found the video.

The video was very well done, and thank you to everyone at Hasbro who helped make this happen!

On this topic, I thought I’d share something rather funny that happened to me while filming:

So, when we were picking our wardrobe for the commercial, I went to the bathroom to change. I wasn’t wearing my glasses, but I felt confident I could navigate my way from the wardrobe room to the bathroom. Apparently, I couldn’t.

When I was walking back to the wardrobe room, I smacked right into a glass wall… 3 feet away from the actual door. Everyone got a good laugh from it, even me! The moral of the story is… I need a guide to steer me in the right direction if I don’t have my glasses on.

Anyway, the commercial is great, and I’m super happy I got to do this.



1 thought on “My Super Hero Mashers Commercial

  1. Awesome buddy! So proud of you! Be careful when not wearing your specs…funny story though. Looking forward to seeing you hopefully in more commercials…you will have to continue your acting career here in Chicago!

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