Minecraft Version 1.9

I’ve been playing Minecraft for quite some time, and they recently released version 1.9 on March 1st.

Here is some stuff they have added:

End Rods-

They don’t have a specific use-yet! Make chandeliers and pipes out of them!


A new End mob. They can teleport and when aggravated, shoot Levitation potion at you. It sounds fun… until you fall.

Lingering Potions-

Almost every potion variety now has a lingering type. You throw them, and the bubble stay there for up to 25 second, or until somebody absorbs the effect.


All items have attack speed and different special effects!


Use them to ward of projectiles like arrows!


There is an expanded End. When you spawn the Ender Dragon in the Overworld, he is docile and only hovers.

There are lots more updates! Check them out on the Mojang website!


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