A Civilization Lost: Writing Update

When I was writing A Civilization Lost, I recently introduced a new character named Carol, a mermaid that can become human.

I also plan for Cocoa to make a reappearance later in the book.

Here is the first chapter:

Chapter 1: The Beginning

The landscape of Shmael’s Forest stretched out far ahead of Josephine Lamanson. She remembered when she had walked this road with Pete, Jack and…Aaron so long ago. Aaron seemed so far away not that he was… Josephine couldn’t bring herself to think of him as dead.

It was true: he was gone. He had slipped out of her grip because of Kelli. She had felt so triumphant when Kelli had been evaporated. Although she kind of wished her death had been more gory. She pushed the dark thought away.

The few remaining people in Magic Village had fled to Shmael’s Forest, which was the only place left unscathed by Josephine’s fiery revenge because of the magical river that surrounded it. They would live in a small clearing in the forest, with trees all around them.

Pete, Jack, Jonathan and Josephine soon came to the campsite. Small tents were set up, with bags of food and people’s possessions sitting by the entrances.

The people who inhabited these tents were usually nursing to their wounds from running frantically away from the terrible grey dust. They must have tripped several times.

Jack found a good place to set up their tent. With a wave of his hand he could unfold and pitch it in a matter of seconds. Nothing happened. He shook his head, and looked at her questioningly.

There was a sudden crack of energy in the air, and a portal appeared. Josephine felt her hair stick up with static. Kiran the genie king and Kyra the hunter, stepped through.

They were dressed in fine robes, with a long cape each, and they were glowing with white-hot energy.

“Hello, young ones.” Kyra said in a stern—but kind—voice. “You may have noticed you no longer have magic.” she chuckled a little. “We have withdrawn magic from the entire kingdom and given it to the Djinns so they can combat this terrible…” Kyra paused, trying to find the right word. “dust.”

Ordinarily, it would have sounded hilarious for an army of the most powerful sorcerers ever to be battling dust, but Josephine knew firsthand how deadly it could have been. Her cheeks flushed with guilt, and she hoped neither of them would notice.

“That’s unfair!” Jack protested, raising his hands to prove his point. Kiran simply dismissed him with a wave of his hand, and the siblings vanished.

Growling, Jack began to set up the tent by hand with Pete. Jonathan began sorting through the piles of food, and Josephine separated from the group to look for berries for when their food supply runs out.

She didn’t know if she could live without magic.


I am currently on the 5th chapter, as other writing is taking up lots of time as well.


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  1. Good stuff bud. Happy Easter!

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