Bullying: The Serious Stuff

Everybody knows bullying is bad. But how bad is it? It is very bad. Bullying is a serious problem, but it can lead to death.

That’s right, I said death.

Set a timer for 10 minutes, because every 10 minutes, another person is bullied.

I know firsthand the effects of bullying. I get teased all the time about the things I like, and what I believe in. I know how hard it can be. But people who are bullied sometimes sink into depression, especially in high school and middle school.

Since high school students have a lot of freedom, the depression can easily drive them to commit suicide.

In fact, suicide is the leading cause of death in 15-24 year-olds. This is a very severe problem across the United States.

1 out of 8 high schoolers say they have contemplated suicide, and 7% attempted it.



You need to report someone of they are bullying. Don’t be afraid to do it. I didn’t come forward for 4 years, and I paid the price for it.

So if you come forward, you could save someone’s life.


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