Gleen Wood Chap. 1-2

Sorry it took us so long! But here is chap. 1-2 of Gleen Wood


The letters


November 4, 2016


“Bye Naomi! See you Monday!” Milly yelled to her friend.

“Bye Milly!” Naomi Romslo answered. She raced to the mailbox, her dirty blonde hair flying behind her, and started looking through the mail.

“For mom, for mom, for dad, wedding invite, bills, for dad,  for Jackson, a party invite and, to…  ME?”

She looked again. It was clearly written, in elegant, spindly cursive. I wonder who sent it? She asked, but she could not find an answer to her question. The envelope said nothing except Naomi Romslo in big red letters.


She went inside and put the mail on the table. Then she ran to her room and opened the letter.


Dear Naomi,

You have been invited to Gleen Wood, one of Minnesota’s special schools. This is very important, important: If you don’t come, the whole world will be at risk. You and multiple other people are receiving this letter. You must NOT show anyone. Your parents already know. You MUST come on the sixth of November. You will need to begin packing effective immediately.

Yours truly,

Gleen Wood

November sixth! That is this Sunday! I better start packing! Naomi put down the letter, feeling confused. What’s special about me? Well, who cares right now, I better start packing! What is the weather like in Minnesota? Naomi thought. She ran downstairs to look it up. 




North Dakota

November 5, 2016


What should I pack? Henry Evenson thought. He had gotten the same letter as Naomi. He had been to Minnesota a few times. But that had been in summer. His parents had said that the school lasted till July. He had started to re-pack his winter clothes for the fifth time. He had already packed his summer clothes because he know what to expect.

“Mom? Dad?” Henry called. “I need help!”

“Just a minute!” his mom called back. Henry couldn’t wait, so he started to pack his stuff for the plane. 




November 5, 2016


12:05,12:10,12:15. Skyler Arneson watched the slowly moving clock. “Can we go now?” she asked.

“For the last time, Sky, not till 12:30,” her mom answered. Skyler groaned. Fifteen minutes later, the car pulled out of the driveway. They were going to the mall to shop for some stuff for her flight to Minnesota.

She walked into the bookstore to get a crossword puzzle book. That’s when she saw him-Kiran Mathew-her worst enemy. He was handsome, but despicable.





November 5, 2016


Kiran Mathew was in the bookstore when Skyler Arneson walked in. “What are you doing here?” Kiran asked.

“Shopping, duh,” Skyler said.

“What are you shopping for?” he asked.

“My trip to Minnesota.” She plucked a random book from the shelf, which happened to be titled The Great Hockey History. Kiran snickered.

Skyler glared at him, then thrust her head high and walked out.

“Could she be one of the other people?” Kiran whispered to himself. No. Too bossy, he thought.

He bought a book called How To Get Rid Of Your Worst Enemy: For Good! and left.                                


                    Rhode Island

November 6, 2016


“How much longer?” Dominic Schaefer asked his mother.

“Ten more minutes,” She answered. Dom went to his room and started to put his science stuff in a bag. Ten minutes later his mom called him down. Time to go, Dom thought. They got in the car and drove to the airport. 




November 6, 2016


Saleha Ali was waiting for her dad to come home from work. She had just gotten a letter that said she was invited to go to a school in Minnesota. Minnesota was far away but she still wanted to go to the school, mainly because it said something about saving the world. She really never did any “saving” people other than saving her father’s coffee from spilling. The door opened and her father came in.

Saleha showed him the letter, and before she knew it, she was packed and at the airport.



November 6, 2016


“Hey Meena, Can you take the rest of the junk mail out to the bin?” Meena Maple’s  father asks.

“Sure Dad!” Meena replies back. She takes the pile from the counter and walks to the bin. For some reason she enjoys this job, because she can look at the random advertisements her family gets sent. One by one she placed each flyer into the recycle.

Cotton candy gum, lawnmowers, bananas, winter boots, basketball hoops, A LETTER?????

Mom and Dad never get rid of letters, at least not without opening them first.

This letter wasn’t even open. She turned it over to find Meena written in nice cursive handwriting.

Why did Mom and Dad want to throw this away? Perhaps they just slipped past this letter, or- She paused, Maybe they didn’t want me to look at it. She never got mail.

She snuck it into her pocket and when she finished throwing all the junk, she went to her room and looked at the letter, and read it.

WHAT?!?! She was invited to an important school. No way!

She went outside and rang her neighbors house. A girl answered it.

“Saleha, Saleha!!!” She cried. “Read this!”

She showed the letter to Saleha, her best friend.

Saleha looked at her and smiled. “You got invited too!”

Then she looked down. “You know we are not supposed to tell anyone but our parents…”

“Oh!!! I forgot!! Oops! Oh well, but i’m not sure how get there……”

Then an idea burst into Saleha’s mind. “You can come with me!!!!!”


“Yeah, let’s go tell my father!!!”

They told her father, and then later that day, they were all all packed and at the airport

with Meena.



November 6, 2016


Soren Kehl was at the airport in Madison. It was really, really crowded. “Bye mom. Bye dad,” he said. 

“B3’s passengers please board now,” the speaker above him said.

“Love you!” His parents shouted back. Soren raced to the plane and waved to his parents. He double checked his bags. I can’t wait!!! he thought. Finally! He boarded the plane, and 10 minutes later he was in the air. 



Alaska-Canada border

November 6, 2016

“Whoa. Cool,” Alex Anaya said to himself. He was just crossing the border of Alaska (his home state) and Canada.

“Anyone hungry?” Miss Edwards the flight attendant asked as she came down the aisle of the plane.

“I’ll take some peanuts please,” Alex answered.

He ate them and then fell asleep till he got to Minnesota. 




November 6, 2016


They were right over the Mountains of Loss, not a safe place to be. Madhi grabbed Kyra off the wounded dragon and pulled her onto Manolo. Sylvester fell right onto a sharp mountain and was impaled by its sharp point. His eyes closed … And never opened again.


“What!!” Grace Westpfahl screamed in shock after reading the passage.

“How? Why? Wait WHAT?!!” She did NOT see that coming.

“Calm down, Grace. Please,” Grace’s mom said.


Her mom groaned. “We’re here, so please calm down.”

“Oh,” Grace said. She looked out the window and saw the school. She took out her notebook and wrote: Nov. 6th, 2016. Just left Wisconsin this morning. The school looks really creepy. It’s like a haunted mansion from one of those scary movies.

She stopped writing and stepped outside just as the others started to get out of their cars. 




Everyone stood staring at the building. Two people walked out of it: a woman and a boy about 10 years old.

“Come in. This way,” the woman said. “Come to this room and put your bags here, then follow me.” They followed her to another room. It had at least 15 student desks and one big one. “Sit down please.” Everyone found a desk.

Creepy, creepy, creepy. That’s what Saleha thought of this new school. Her old school was nothing like this yucky place. She was sitting in a … desk, she thought. There was a girl with wavy dusty sun-colored hair and glasses sitting on her left and a boy with brown hair and glasses on her right. They seemed friendly. The looks on their faces when they saw the school told Saleha that they thought the same about the school. A brown-haired boy looked surprised when a girl with blondish brown hair and glasses walked in. Saleha kept examining the expressions and actions of the other kids because she was shy and didn’t want to introduce herself to the others.

Suddenly the girl with wavy dusty sun-colored hair said, “Hi, I’m Grace Westpfahl.”

“I’m…. Saleha.” Saleha stuttered.

“Well hi, s..sssa…sa….Saleha!” Grace said cheerfully.

“Attention,” the woman yelled. “I’m Headmistress Spooks!

Let’s start with introducing ourselves! You first! Tell us about you.” She pointed at the black-haired boy who had come out of the building with her.

“I’m Vishnu,” he said. “Watch this!”

He stared hard at a poster on the wall. It said 1999. They suddenly transported to the White House in 1999. “Cool!” “Whoa!” “Wow!!!!” the other students yelled in surprise. And then they were back in the classroom.

“I am 13. I’ve been at Minnesota’s Special School almost all my life,” Vishnu said. “But before I came here, I think I lived in Hawaii. The only thing I remember from when I was little was saying goodbye to all my daycare friends and coming here. When it became summer, my parents forgot to pick me up to go home. Since then, this school has been my home.”

All of the students were silent. It seemed like one of those sad books were the main character barely knew his parents — except this time it was real.

Headmistress Spooks, who did not like the room being silent, yelled “You next!” at a brown-haired boy wearing a shirt that said  I LOVE SCIENCE in big bubble letters.

“Hi ya’ll. I am 11. My name is Dominic Shafer and I love, love, love science! I went to a gifted school for science freaks and I won basically all the science fairs and …”

Dominic was getting annoying and the rest of the kids didn’t want to listen about all his science projects and achievements. They heard about his room, decorated with trophies and medals and poster boards and his latest award-winning science fair project. There was also something about adding blah plus blah to equal blah.

Headmistress Spooks seemed unable to keep her temper; the science-y explanation was too much for her too.

“ENOUGH!” she yelled. The room was silent. Suddenly Dom burst into tears and ran to the front door. Vishnu followed him as Headmistress Spooks yelled “Continue” to a brown-haired boy.

“Are you okay?” Dom was surprised by the voice of Vishnu.

“What are you doing here?” Dom asked.

“I’m here to see what’s wrong,” Vishnu replied. “And to bring you back to the classroom because you might get lost when you try to get back by yourself. I have to admit this place can be a bit spooky.”

“I’ve noticed, and I’ve decided I’m going home tomorrow,” Dominic said.

“You can’t!!!” said Vishnu worriedly. “If you don’t stay, the whole world will be at risk!”

“I don’t care if the world is at risk,” said Dom, who remembered this from the letter. “I just LOVE science!” he said, bursting into tears again.

“Please stop, please stop!” said Vishnu, not liking that a nice kid was upset.

“I’ll tell you a secret,” he eventually said, which calmed Dom down.

“What is it?” Dominic asked.

“So, many years ago when I was younger,” Vishnu began. “I wanted to leave the school too. Before Headmistress Spooks was headmistress, we had Headmistress Pots. She was the nicest headmistress ever, then one day she…she….”

“What happened to her?” asked Dom curiously.He had forgotten about the science drama with Headmistress Spooks, and was into the story Vishnu was telling. Dom’s second favorite thing is stories.

“She died,” Vishnu said sadly. “Since then Headmistress Spooks has been the headmistress. I never really got along with her when she came. She changed everything we were used to. I protested against it. But believe it or not I was

in the same exact place as you. A second year student followed me and told me this secret, the secret I’m just about to tell you-“

“You mean you have not said the secret yet? That’s one long secret alright.” Dom interrupted.

“Shush, do you want to hear the secret or not?” said Vishnu calmly.

Dom nodded and then kept quiet. 

Vishnu started speaking again “Ok, so in this school you get powers and-“

“POWERS?!?!” Dom interrupted very loudly and then realized that he was supposed to keep quiet. “Oh sorry, continue.”

Vishnu looked at Dominic, very irritated, then he went on to continue the secret. ” And we save the world with the powers, that’s why the world will be at risk if you leave. Oh, and also that’s why we were at the White House in 1999. My power is time travel, and you will unlock your power soon.”

Dom was very surprised at the whole ” powers” thing. “I will stay but I am not going to like it”

I bet you will thought Vishnu. “Should we go back?” He asked.


When they came in, they caught the brown haired boy saying something like “So, Yeah that’s my story.

“What did we miss?” Vishnu asked the girl with blondish brown hair. “That is Soren.” she said pointing at the boy with brown hair. “He lives in Wisconsin. He is 12½ and is a multimillionaire.”

“Ok.Thanks.” Vishnu replied.

At the end they learned Skyler {the blondish brown haired girl} likes being called Sky, Soren lives in Wisconsin, and Kiran is the most handsome boy ever.

In your dreams Grace thought.


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