The Many Faces Of Kiranmathew

Yes guys I know, I posted this before but I deleted it because the formatting didn’t work out. Here I have just a brief summary of the different logos Kiranmathew has had in honor of the new year.


This was the first logo, a pretty pink flower.
Our second logo, paired with the gothic theme Baskerville.

This logo was popular for a while, though I took it off and chose a picture with my glasses.

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These three images were popular for a while: I would change to a new picture in this set almost every day.

Believe it or not, Taylor Swift was the face of Kiranmathew, though only for about an hour.
This shot was famous for about 2 seconds before it was taken down. This shot was taker in Nerja, Spain during our summer vacation.
Another picture without my glasses, though this logo got many good comments via email.
This image makes a reappearance about a month after it was taken down, due to popular demand. It is pictured on our marketing poster, adding to it’s fame.
The current face of Kiranmathew, a grey sweater with a blue jean jacket/coat. The sun illuminating my hair gives it a calm and peaceful effect.




Coming Soon: A more digital face of Kiranmathew, hinting at a different theme in the future. The logo suggests maybe a more social media-type chat forum of sorts.

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