Out Of The Woods And Harry Styles

In Taylor Swift’s new music video, she is shown wearing a paper airplane necklace, and it just so happens when she dated Harry Styles, he gave her a paper airplane necklace.

Taylor-Swift-Harry-Styles-Couple-Pictures.jpg enhanced-21439-1413301759-10.png

There are multiple factors in ‘Out Of The Woods‘ that suggest it’s about Harry Styles.

A: The famous paper airplane necklace which she wears in the video and at one point, tears off.

B: A reference to a car accident ‘last December’, which would have been 2013; when they were dating and got ’20 stitches in the hospital room.’

C: The lyric ‘two paper airplanes flying’, yet another reference the the necklace.

There are also rumors that Harry Styles inspired other songs, such as Style and I Knew You Were Trouble-winner of a VMA.

And during her VMA speech, she thanked ‘the person who inspired the song, who knows who he is, because now I got one of these.’ See the video here.

But how often does he appear in her songs? See a video about 7 Taylor Swift Lyrics About Harry Styles, here.


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