As I sit and let the smell of toast and eggs waft towards me, I think about Christmas.

I think about popcorn and berries strung on strings, decorating a large pine covered in ornaments, family pictures and miscellaneous items that nobody knows why they are on the Christmas tree.

And I think about all the wonderful presents, from all the wonderful people. And I think about snow, and I look outside and I remember we flew into Florida yesterday, and the only snow is in snow globes, playing famous Christmas carols.

And I remember the wonderful Christmas songs in our ‘Home Alone, in concert‘ production, conducted by the wonderful Sara Hicks.

More About Sara Hicks:
Sarah Hicks, the Minnesota Orchestra’s principal conductor of Live at Orchestra Hall, has led a broad range of programs since joining the Orchestra as assistant conductor in 2006. During the 2015-16 season she leads the Orchestra in performances with Ben Folds, Rajaton, Pink Martini and Cirque de la Symphonie, among other artists, as well as Inside the Classics concerts, film music and Scandinavian Christmas concerts. In 2011 she toured with British rock icon Sting, leading 31 concerts over two months in venues throughout Europe. She has conducted ‘Home Alone’ in concert with the orchestra and the Minnesota Boychoir, as well as numerous ‘Scandinavian Christmas’ concerts, with the Boychoir, and other guest appearances.


And now I’m scolding myself because I SHOULD be talking about Christmas, but I’m in fact, talking about Sara Hicks and the Minnesota Orchestra.

Christmas is about family, love and the birth of Jesus. (I’m sorry if you’re not religious, you can just stop reading now.)

Anyway, have a very merry Christmas!!!




1 thought on “Christmas

  1. I’m glad you understand the true meaning of Christmas buddy. Merry Christmas!


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