A True #Symbol Of #Love

After the Minnesota Boychoir completed ‘Home Alone in concert’ with the Minnesota Orchestra, those who had come to watch left, after lovingly congratulating me on an amazing performance (a small video here).

In more depth, visiting was my Aunt Jaime, Ammy and Appy (my father’s parents), Nana (my mom’s mom) my Uncle Tom and my cousins Katlyn, Kabryna and Braydon.

A few days after everyone left, Aunt Jaime sent this to my mom:

I truly think it is the sweetest thing ever, and I was really impressed, because of 2 things:

One, he spelled ‘because’ right. can’t even do that without spellcheck!


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2 thoughts on “A True #Symbol Of #Love

  1. Very sweet letter…you gotta love Braydon. So proud of your singing Kiran…I’ve been telling everyone in Chicago about your Home Alone performance.

    Love, Uncle Tom.

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