Apple And Samsung: Apple Is Winning From A Game Perspective

Many creators of digital games for Apple and Samsung seem to favor Apple products.


Example, not only does Apple have thousands more games than available to Samsung users, but the games that they both have, are usually better on Apple.

I’m not saying it’s easier to play on Apple devices, but the games are more advanced on Apple games.

Take The Sandbox for instance. On Samsung, generic materials such as sand, dirt, plants, mud, water and other elements. I bought the game on my iPad Mini as well, and I immediately noticed the extreme difference in the materials.

In addition to all the elements available on Samsung, there were hundreds more! Aliens, rocket ships, UFOs, cheetas, hay, flamingos, scarecrows, temples, statues and more!

There has been a long battle between Apple and Samsung, and from an application perspective, Apple won.


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