WE Day

WE Day is an organization, empowering kids to make a difference in the world. The WE Day Minnesota event happened today, at the Excel Energy Center.

Watch the WE Day video here:

Our school’s WE Day story:

My school was allotted 25 tickets to WE Day last year. Children were selected by past teachers who ‘felt they deserved it’. This year, we were given 27, but this time, only ONE person picked who got to go from our school.

Also, people who went last year were allowed to go this year. I think this is slightly unfair, because other people should be able to enjoy WE Day. I hoped last year a teacher would pick me to be one of the four students to go.

I wasn’t.

What made the pain worse was when the students came back with decorated t-shirts, bracelets and other goodies. On top of that, several people had performed. This year we had to write a letter, explaining why we thought we should go to the event. I would have written it if I had more time.

Maybe I can try to get in next year, or maybe after that.

I’m not sure individual people can earn WE Day tickets (since you can’t buy them), but if you can, I want to know how.

My final words for this post are: they make WE Day seem so glamorous, but they don’t include the sadness some people feel. What do you have to do to get noticed by WE Day to earn tickets?

Watching videos and YouTube, and pictures on Instagram felt like a dagger. Each time, it hurt more.

Maybe I will go next time.



1 thought on “WE Day

  1. Sorry to hear you didn’t get picked. But keep in mind you don’t have to be the one who goes to feel the spirit of WE Day like you obviously do. Keep being a giver and you will go farther than most people will ever dream of.

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