Josephine Lamanson: Learns Magic

I’ve been promising a preview for my new book for a while, so here is the first chapter:

Aaron, The Nineteen-Year-Old Weather Master: Makes Things Right

Josephine Lamanson: Learns Magic

Book Two

Written By:Kiran Mathew

Chapter |: Cocoa In The Garden

Aaron, Jack, Jonathan, Josephine, Calypso and Pete strolled through the grand garden of Magic Village.  In the spring, the roses opened, the lilacs blossomed and the wolfsbane wilted under the sun’s rays (since wolfsbane is a deadly plant, the sun will kill it, duh).

Towards the center of the garden was a golden pot, larger than Aaron himself! Inside it, was a magical plant that had been stolen (the officials of Magic Village preferred the term ‘relocated’) from Medea and Circe’s palace.

Ivy from the plant grew from the pot and spread out in every direction on the ground. Several stems shot up, each with a different flower on top. One had a lush blue rose, another had a red dandelion, and yet another bestowed a cream-colored lily.

Aaron picked the lily and handed it to Josephine, who tucked it behind her ear. Calypso secretly scowled from the other side of the plant, and whispered in Jonathan’s ear.

“Huh? What? Oh… I get it. Kind of.” Jonathan said, with an interval of around 3 seconds between each phrase. Jonathan-copying Aaron-reached out his hand to pluck the dandelion.

A vine rose up from the pot and swatted his hand, and another slithered down the pot and wrapped itself around Calypso’s ankle, and pulled her downwards. Aaron, Josephine and Jonathan leapt forwards to help her, and Josephine got there first.

Josephine put her hand on Calypso’s arm to pull her up, but she glared at Josephine and pulled her arm away. Josephine-startled-backed up, while Calypso allowed Jonathan to help her up.

“Are you okay?” Jonathan asked, while Calypso brushed the dust and dirt off of her blue jeans. Calypso nodded.

“I don’t think she likes me.” Josephine whispered to Aaron, and he nodded. They 6 continued to walk, but stopped when they heard rustling from the shrubbery to their right.

“What was that?” Jack asked. Nobody knew. Pete picked up a stick and advanced towards the bushes.

“Ooh! Its a stick! I will fetch!” A brown dog bounded out of the bushes, headed straight towards Pete. It tackled him to the ground and wrestled the stick from him. The dog brought it over about 5 feet away from Pete, lay down, and started chewing on the stick.

The dog had a chocolate color, and looked like a labradoodle except with only 1 inch of hair.

“I’m Cocoa.” the dog said, still chewing the stick. There was a gasp from Jack, Aaron and Calypso. Pete struggled to get up, but finally stood up next to Jack.

The teenagers eventually got over the shock and introduced themselves.

“Okee. Hi.” Cocoa said, then trotted over to Pete and said, “Did you want this?” She dropped the slobber-covered stick on his feet, and then scampered into the bushes.

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  1. A great start. Good to see Cocoa in the mix.

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