In Response To Ms. Fisher

“No matter what happens in life, don’t be the bully. Don’t be the victim. Be the good guy.”

October 11, 2015 at 2:36 pm
Dear Kiran, you won’t remember me, but my son Myles was in your preschool class. I have long admired you for being such a thoughtful, sensitive, kind person. I’m wondering if you would like to write about how you became such a great kid and what parents can do to help their own children be good people too.


Jennifer Fisher, Myles’s mom

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INTRO: Parents shape who you are at the beginning. After around 3 years of age, you as a person are in charge. Your parents or guardians can tell you things to do, but you are the one that will make decisions for yourself.

As a parent, reward the good behavior, but don’t punish the bad behavior.


How (as a parent) to help your child(ren) be (a) good people/person:

As a kid, I grew up under the best examples of leadership, trust, respect and love in the world. If your child has an older sibling, you might consider getting that older sibling to become a role model.

The key is for them to work with someone they trust and like, so a sibling isn’t always the best option. As a parent, teaching your children lessons after every major event can help.

example: after a 5th grade graduation, talk about the year ahead. prepare them for middle school bullies and tell them “don’t be one of them. be the good guy.”


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  1. Good advice buddy. It’s nice that others respect your opinion.

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