50 Golden Years

Sometimes we look back on our life and we think “I can’t believe how old I am.”

The concept of immortality still confuses me after many years. I first learned what ‘immortal’ meant when I became interested in Greek Mythology, where all the supreme deities were immortal creatures of immense power.

Immortality posed a difficult concept for me to figure out. I thought: How can someone live thousands of years, when I’m only 10 and every day feels like forever?!

I often marveled over the fact that life seemed so long, almost near an eternity.

For me, 11 is old. The age of 50 seems centuries away.


On October 9, my dad reached a monumental birthday: 50.

In this post I will include an interview with him, with sidebar notes and comments.

Here we go!

Q: What emotions did you feel when you turned 50?

A: Many. Reflections: proud of my family and our many accomplishments together. Realizations: of many lessons learned over those years that helped shape who I am, and a reminder to be mindful of future lessons and opportunities to always try to continue to improve- to be a better person, a more compassionate human being, a better daddy, husband, son, brother, friend and stranger.

Sidebar note: Beautiful!! 😘❤️

Q: Do you ever wonder how time went by so fast?

A: Yes I wonder that a lot! I wonder how my tiny little babies have grown up so fast, and how my wife continues to become more beautiful.

Sidebar note: Thanks!!

Q: Do you wish you could go back and witness every moment of your life again?

A: Hmmm. There are a lot of moments that I would love to see again- there are some maybe not.

Thanks for your time, I love you!!

Your loving son,



5 thoughts on “50 Golden Years

  1. Great interview! Kiran Mathew knows what’s up. Keep it coming.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for so beautifully helping me reflect on these 50 golden years! I’m so proud of you and everything that you do! I’m so looking forward to seeing you soon!
    Love always,

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