Being Thankful For Our Parents

These days, we get angry because out TV doesn’t work and it’s the season finale of our favorite show. Years ago, people would get angry because their crops failed, so they would go to bed hungry. Lately, people don’t think about how lucky they are. Most people take things for granted, like our parents.

Our parents sacrifice everything for us. Their love is unconditional, and it’s the strongest there is. Nobody will love you as much as your parents do. Nobody will understand you as much as your parents do. Nobody will believe in you more than your parents.

Your parents are incredibly selfless, giving in to make you happy. Most people don’t realize how much their parents have impacted their life. They support you always, and it’s amazing.

Most people can’t describe love in words, so they try to describe it in actions. Saying ‘I love you’ has meaning, but it doesn’t tell someone how much.

So I have a challenge for anyone who reads this; try to tell your parents how much you love them, in actions. Give them hugs and kisses, help them carry something up the stairs, help them make dinner, or just be there for them. That is my challenge for everyone.

Thanks, Mom and Dad,

You don’t know how much I love you!



2 thoughts on “Being Thankful For Our Parents

  1. You are the best!

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