Tracking Illegal Ivory, Source: National Geographic

A small idea turned big when George Dante was chosen to create a two false elephant tusks. Hidden inside each would be a GPS system. The challenge was to make the tusks look and feel real, it could fool experts. It needed to have a number of things that could make it seem authentic; including being made out of a material that would make it fireproof.

Once the tusks were completed, George Dante needed to bring both the tusks to Kony, via plane. Security ordered George to open the bag, revealing both of the tusks. George handed him a letter from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service assuring him that they were fake.

A crowd gathers, and three opinions gather, only one of which, is true: people looking at the bag thing George is trying to smuggle ivory; false. Officials looking at the x-ray (showing the GPS equipment inside the artificial tusks) think he’s smuggling a bomb. And George thinks, rather knows, that they are fake.

Mr. Dante’s opinion is the third and the only true opinion. Rather, it’s more of a fact. So there, two opinions and a fact, describing the situation perfectly. George spends the night in police custody, falsely accused of doing the unthinkable: murdering an innocent animal to gain wealth.

For more on this subject, subscribe to the National Geographic Magazine. This subject headlined the most recent Nat Geo magazine, for September 2015.


“This is barbaric, and I wish people would stop.”

“Murder of these majestic creatures brings tears to my eyes.”

“Slaughter of these amazing beings is terrible.”


3 thoughts on “Tracking Illegal Ivory, Source: National Geographic

  1. Interesting. How does the story end?

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  2. Interesting story- nice variety for your blog!

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