Top Remedies For A Stomachache

Hey guys, me and my sister had some stomachaches yesterday, and I wanted to share some tips:

  1. Don’t do a lot of walking. The best thing is to lay down, maybe watch some tv. Keep off your feet as much as possible, but go to bed around 9:00.
  2. Make sure your sleeping area is ideal. The best way to cure yourself is to make sure you are entirely comfortable. Usually some pillows and blankets on the floor an be fine, or you can sleep under an entire fort. No matter your style, make sure you are completely comfortable where you are. If you’re feeling really bad, it might help to locate your sleeping are near a bathroom.
  3. TLC and the atmosphere matter. You need the environment to be safe and calm, and the people to be nice. Relax yourself, and enjoy everything.
  4. Chicken Noodle soup and Canada Dry. An added tip, get all the air out of the soda by putting the handle of a spoon inside the can and gently stirring it.

I hope you guys never get a stomachache, but if you do, follow this advice!


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