The Sandbox

For lovers of Minecraft, Survivalcraft or other building games, download the Sandbox. It’s a fun, game where users can use elements (fire, electro, mud, ice, water, etc.) to shape their world.

New updates include the Monsters update for Apple devices. The Sandbox has won two awards, the App Store’s Best of 2012, and the Mac Store’s Best of 2013. As players progress, they collect mana (Sandbox currency) to unlock more elements such as humans, plants, parasites, aliens, machines, robots, lava, volcanoes, tornadoes and animals.

Visit the Sandbox website to discover more about this fun game.

Warning: The Sandbox game is free, but it includes in-app purchases to obtain mana, elements and games. No element can be obtained only by in-app purchases, and all elements are available to all users. The Sandbox already comes with fun games and levels, but additional games and levels can be bought.

I hope you guys enjoy the Sandbox as much as I do!


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