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Almost There!

Some of you might remember my earlier post, saying that 20 followers and 20 likes would reveal some major changes. I just counted kiranmathew’s followers, and we have 18! As for likes, you guys blew that challenge out of the water, 120 likes for kiranmathew!Keep going! Only 2 people left to follow us, so recommend the site to your friends, share the page on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, email, however you want to. We’re so close guys!

Also, the day we get 20 followers the BIG website poll results will be revealed. Keep voting, liking and following! We are so close! Let’s make this happen, for all the people who work on kiranmathew!

Let’s do this!




Kiran is in 6th grade, and lives in Chicago. He enjoys writing, and blogging. He owns Check him out on Twitter and Instagram: @kiran_mathew_. Kiran loves Taylor Swift, Greek mythology and his dog Cocoa.

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